Governors Loot Taxpayers To Combat “Climate Change”

When government run the Extraordinary Popular Delusions used to pay for the Madness of Crowds, it is usually done by looting the taxpayers. The Associated Press reports a lot of state governors are using the funds from budget surpluses built up since the coronavirus outbreak to fight climate change (so-called). The same event Democrats blame on fossil fuels. From the AP:

“Democratic governors such as California’s Gavin Newsom and Washington’s Jay Inslee have been clear about their plans to boost spending on climate-related projects, including expanding access to electric vehicles and creating more storage for clean energies such as solar. Newsom deemed climate change one of five “existential threats” facing the nation’s most populous state when he rolled out his proposed state budget this past week.

In Republican-led states, governors want to protect communities from natural disasters and drought, even as many of them won’t link such spending to global warming.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey this past week pitched $1 billion for water infrastructure as drought grips the Western U.S., shriveling water supplies for cities and farms. Idaho Gov. Brad Little, who has acknowledged climate change’s role in worsening wildfires, proposed $150 million for five years’ worth of fire-fighting costs, plus more for new fire personnel. In South Carolina, Gov. Henry McMaster called on lawmakers to spend $300 million in federal money for, among other things, protecting the state’s coastline against flooding, erosion and storm damage.

“I can think of no more meritorious use of taxpayer funds than to protect these pristine properties for future generations of South Carolinians,” he said as he presented his proposed state budget, which also includes $17 million to use in the aftermath of hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Governors’ proposals are just the first step in budget negotiations, and they’ll have to work with state lawmakers on the final details. Many governors will issue their plans in the coming weeks, with some already telegraphing their priorities. New York’s Gov. Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, used her state of the state address to call for $500 million in spending on offshore wind projects.”

Despite Republican governors not linking their spending to climate change, as opposed to returning the money to the people in the form of tax cuts, the implication is clear that they are but won’t openly say it.

Despite her support of fossil fuels, pleading with Biden to allow fracking in her state, and her seeking to offset his oil drilling restrictions, Democrat New Mexico governor Michelle Lujan has enacted her own policies too. As the AP points out, the extraction of fossil fuels helps bring in needed revenue for New Mexico. Essentially, like any other Democrat governor, Lujan is still blaming fossil fuels for climate change. But she obviously loves the money they bring in to pay for the things she likes, such as the $2.5 million for the state’s new 15-member staff so-called climate change bureau.

What this all comes down to is not only a concerted effort to de-populate the planet, but also to ruin the United States and Republicans, like Doug Ducey and Henry McMaster, are obviously fine with it.