Biden Bans Oil Drilling, Begs OPEC to Bail Him Out and Gets Rejected … Again!

It is abundantly clear Joe Biden intends to make life a living hell for Americans despite his vow to bring down inflation. Biden’s promises are nothing but banter and he could care less about the well being of the American people he is was allegedly elected to serve. This also evidenced by his insistence people get vaccinated while millions of un-vaccinated and infected illegal immigrants are admitted into the country.

Most recently, The New York Times reports Biden has indefinitely halted issuing oil and gas drilling leases on federal lands after a environmentalists sued and got a judgement ordering Biden to issue drilling leases late last year blocked.

While putting the brakes on U.S. oil production, Biden has been calling on OPEC to increase theirs in a cynical attempt hoping the global petroleum cartel will bail him out. Not surprisingly, each time he has asked, they have turned him down, including his most recent demand about a week ago.

With the turmoil in the Ukraine, Biden obviously hopes to distract from the results of his policies. Fortunately, his efforts are not working since his hopes of starting a war with Russia there are collapsing almost every day.

Gas prices have risen to their highest levels in eight years, and it is not due to the alleged Russian invasion of Ukraine. Rather it is due to Biden’s intentional attacks on American oil and gas production in order to appease environmentalist groups while favoring foreign fossil fuel sources especially Russia, the country the left loves to hate.