Major Environmentalist Group On The Verge Of Collapse

The environmentalist organization has been at the forefront of anti-pipeline activism. Not only is the group one of many who opposed the Keystone XL pipeline, but was involved in efforts to violently block the Dakota Access Pipeline as well. was founded in 2007 by author and environmentalist Bill McKibben and gained prominence for its opposition to the Keystone and Dakota Access Pipelines. However, Politico reports is on the verge of collapse mainly due to accusations of white supremacy.

According to Politico, gained prominence around 2019 riding victory’s coattails resulting from Obama blocking the Keystone XL pipeline. It was during a retreat in Ireland that their executive director, Mary Boeve, announced a 25 fold increase to their budget with plans to hire over 100 employees.

Boeve’s vision soon crumbled when her group could not meet its financial obligations. This, in turn, resulted in mass layoffs, departures, exhaustion, distrust and a protracted labor battle. The anonymous sources Politico cites are said to be leaders and, while they admit they made mistakes, the sources said they felt they needed to improve equity in hiring and create a more inclusive workplace. In short,’s hiring practices were based on Critical Race Theory.

Even after Bill McKibben resigned from the organization, and the rank-and-file of were diverse with many minority people but, until recently, their leadership was all white people. Despite the accusations against’s culture, Politico quoted Boeve obviously trying to put on her face saying that she sees a more diverse and equable organization in the future.

This is another example supporting Donald Trump’s contention that everything woke turns to $%&@. In many ways it is admirable that organizations, like, choose to practice what they preach. Here is hoping they keep doing so since the self-destructive nature of Critical Race Theory means they won’t be around long and the rest of the population can go about as normal, continuing to exploit the Earth so mankind can live and prosper.