RCMP Release Videos Of Canadian Pipeline Sabotage

Last week, a group of environmentalists attacked a group of Coastal GasLink employees at a natural gas pipeline project near Houston, British Columbia, Canada that also resulted in an officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) who conducted security for the project being injured. Unfortunately, not only were people associated with the pipeline assaulted, but, according to Breitbart, the pipeline itself was also sabotaged causing millions of dollars in damage.

As was pointed out before, environmentalists have threatened to conduct terrorism resulting from what they consider a lack of action on human-induced climate change. What occurred last week in northern British Columbia was, very likely, the work of environmentalists or sympathizers such as local or nearby native Indian tribe members.

The RCMP recently released the videos of the pipeline sabotage and they are posted below. There are plenty of reports of sabotage but few instances of them being caught on video. This isn’t just a pipeline sabotage, but a clear example of what environmentalists and their allies want to do to our way of life. If Justin Trudeau was to use powers he had before revoking them under the Emergencies Act, they would certainly be appropriate to stop these criminals.