Prince Charles: Mask Cows For Climate Change

The future King of England, Prince Charles, recently praised an effort to mask cows up to catch their burps. This beats the ridiculousness of efforts to reduce cow farts by a mile.

From Newsweek:

“Prince Charles has been mocked for backing a climate change initiative that would see a proportion of methane emitted by cows converted into CO2 and water vapor via special catalytic converter fitted masks.

The initiative pioneered by startup Zelp, founded by Francisco Norris, has been awarded the Terra Carta Design Lab award which forms part of Charles’ Sustainable Markets Initiative.”

You can’t make this stuff up! The Prince of Wales thinks it is crucial that catalytic converters be attached to cow’s faces so as to transform CO2 in their burps. Fortunately, more rational people are speaking up, and giving the future monarch some well-deserved scorn.

Masks worked so well to prevent the spread of COVID-19 so why not mask up cows to fight climate change, right? Except face masks did little to prevent the virus’s spread and masking up cows would do little to reduce carbon emissions when cows burp.

The effort to link cow methane emissions to climate change is part of the left’s effort to try to destroy the meat industry which will affect the world’s food supply and good ol’ Prince Charles is helping it along.