“Vice News” Glorifies Environmentalist’s Mental Breakdown, Assisted Suicide

Vice News published a shocking article last week literally praising a Canadian environmentalist named Howard Breen. He is trying to enroll in the country’s assisted suicide procedures resulting from his depression related to the coming doom due to climate change. Breen’s situation is similar to what one other environmentalist named Wynn Bruce did in front of the U.S. Supreme Court during Earth Day of last month.

While politically active, Breen participated in a number of protests, but five years ago he was diagnosed with eco-anxiety and biosphere-related depression. But what is telling is how Vice‘s article begins:

Howard Breen isn’t afraid to die to save the planet. In fact, he may just want to—in order to save himself.

Saving himself by dying rather than living? Vice considers climate change an existential threat and goes on to explain how climate-related depression is a growing problem. With Canada having some very lax rules about physician-assisted suicide, small wonder that it is. Consequently, it makes killing oneself easier and it doesn’t help with Vice seemingly cheering Howard Breen on.

Despite Breen having been declined after applying for assisted suicide February of last year, Vice states he is going to keep trying. What is surreal is, despite him being a married man and a father, the praise and admiration for Breen in Vice‘s article is something else. Even his general practitioner backs Breen also. No mention if his physician or any of his family have tried to persuade him not to go through with this.

What this all comes down to, is that this is another reminder how much the left values death over life. It really comes across that Vice wants Howard Breen to die and that they’re egging him on to go through with it. To take his life on the altar of Gaia instead of telling Breen it isn’t worth killing himself over a controversial topic like climate change.

At least Vice was nice enough to include the toll-free number for the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

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