Biden Approves Of $3.5 Billion For Giant, Carbon Dioxide Sucking Vacuums

Despite the many problems at the U.S. border with Mexico, baby formula shortages, and businesses needing relief from the effect of the COVID-19 lockdowns, Biden has seen it fit to fork out $3.5 billion for so-called carbon capture technology. This despite the fact that carbon dioxide is needed for growing plants (like crops for food). From the Associated Press:

The federal government is investing in machines that suck giant amounts of carbon dioxide out of the air in the hopes of reducing damage from climate change.

The Department of Energy said Thursday it will release $3.5 billion to groups developing direct air capture and other technologies that remove carbon dioxide, which when released into the atmosphere causes global warming.

Climate scientists say humans have already allowed too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere to prevent dangerous rises in global temperatures. They say on top of curbing emissions we must also remove carbon dioxide from the air that’s already been released.

Yet there is this nagging fact that 0.002% of the planet’s carbon dioxide is above the Earth’s surface. But at least we should be thankful Biden was kind enough to release oil from national petroleum reserve to help bring down gas prices a bit. Gotta make sure there’s more work available when these facilities go online.

Obviously planting trees is no longer in style since doing that would be a better method. Come to think of it, babies starving due to the baby formula shortage could be a good thing, since it can help reduce the U.S.’s carbon footprint too.

PHOTO CREDIT: NET Power Facility. La Porte, Tx – By Net Power Inc. –, CC BY-SA 4.0,