Oops! Biden Electric Car Solution Blunted By Shortage

The Biden administration has been encouraging Americans to buy electric cars as a way to avoid high gas prices. However, not only do electric vehicles cost quite a bit of money, but (like gas and baby formula) even they are in short supply. The main reason is due to (you guessed it) supply chain problems. From CNBC:

The low availability of vehicles, including EVs, has been driven in part by supply chain problems — most notably a shortage of semiconductor chips since early 2021 — that have led automakers to idle plants, leaving fewer cars and trucks available for consumers.

But if you thought the cost of an electric car was high before, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet:

Vehicle availability can change quickly and varies by region — those on the coasts may not struggle as much to find an EV. Some vehicles may also be “in transit,” or on their way to dealers, and available to order, depending on the company or dealer. 

But given the tight supplies and growing demand, analysts say people should expect to pay the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, if not more. Pricing excludes any state or federal tax incentives that might be available for buying an EV.

In other words, you will have to pay even more at a dealership for an electric-powered vehicle resulting from the demand. So Biden, Granholm, and Buttigieg want everyone to buy expensive electric cars so people can save money on gas. However, there are few of the vehicles to buy and if you do locate one, you will have to pay even more for it and even have to contend with things like long lines at charging stations too. But, remember, ladies and gentlemen, this is the return to normalcy because the adults are back in charge.

Image by Mikes-Photography from Pixabay