WA. Guv Predicts ‘Blackouts, Destruction, and Death’ this Summer

Washington’s Governor Jay Inslee announced today that the Evergreen State is going to see a summer of blackouts, destruction, and death!

Meanwhile, Inslee says he will be lowering dams on the Snake River in order to protect salmon. This would, in turn, drastically hurt people in Washington as they depend on the state’s hydroelectric dams to provide a large portion of their energy needs.

Worst of all, Inslee recently vetoed a bill that would have financed upgrades to Washington’s power grid. So Inslee prefers virtue signalling to save salmon, but in doing so also ensures energy shortages that will result in blackouts, destruction, and death.

No doubt the deaths of elderly people during the COVID-19 pandemic weren’t enough to satisfy Inslee’s narcissism so what better way to cause more than to restricting Evergreen State resident’s power source. If there was ever a clear indication as to much the left disdains other people’s lives, this is it.

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