Dutch Police Officers Fire Shots at Protesting Farmers

It is not justifiable to riot and even burn property, like police cars, and far be it from me to justify violence. But I have not seen any reports showing that the Dutch farmers are being violent during their demonstrations. So far, the farmer’s demonstration is remaining peaceful and no doubt if they become more irate it will be nothing like the George Floyd riots. But it is starting to get real in Holland, and not in a good way.

When police discharge their firearms on rioting crowds (like what recently happened in Rotterdam, Holland), they help make the rioter’s point for them. This on top of the police’s use Justin Trudeau-style crackdown methods against the farmers such as the use of tear gas and dogs along with having multiple fines levied against them including police arresting them citing open violence. Doing this will also result in more people sympathizing with the farmers too.

The farmers are demonstrating because the new environmental rules the Dutch government is considering at the behest of the European Union will literally drive them out of business. They are not alone either. The farmers also have the backing of Dutch fishermen and even dairy farmers too and in the current political climate, the farmers are struggling for their very survival. Worst part about it, Holland’s government recently admitted that not all farmers would be able to continue to operate under the proposed regulations and many of the country’s farmers have been leaving in recent years due to The Hague’s stringent environmental rules.

Hopefully saner heads will prevail, but the crackdown on farmers, including this recent development, are not encouraging.

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay