Wild Boars Terrorize Florida Residents

While California has a problem with feral pigs, Florida has a problem with wild boars too. Newsweek says Florida residents are being terrorized by the animals some people attribute to development on land they use for habitats in which the boars are not only causing billions of dollars in property damage but also attacking people too. From Newsweek:

The hogs are likely drawn to the area due to the mango trees, which provide food, as well as the nearby lake, providing water, WFLA-TV reports. Some residents, however, blame property that’s being developed nearby for sending the hogs towards Sun City Center from the woods close to the neighborhood.

In addition to digging up property, the pigs are acting aggressively towards people. Though so far no one has been hurt, residents are particularly worried due to the large number of older residents, with resident Sandra McCaw describing the area to WTVT-TV as a “retirement home.” Wild hogs are very dangerous, and can do serious damage to any person they attack.

Animal rights groups, not surprisingly, are opposed to culling the pigs since they obviously want people attacked and property destroyed. Unfortunately, the wild hogs are not new and have been damaging property including attacking people for sometime. Worst of all, their populations are ballooning around the country. Unlike California that sought to address the problem by proposing allowing feral pigs to be hunted, Newsweek points out that the best way to shrink wild hog populations is for hunters to kill their herds from a helicopter.

Quoting Heidi Roth of Serious Eats from four years ago, Newsweek also posits allowing people to eat the wild pigs after their culled because the animal’s meat is leaner than regular pork and tastes better too. That is a great idea!