Sweden Scraps Environmental Ministry

Last month, Sweden’s Social Democrat Prime Minister resigned after the country’s center-right parties secured a parliamentary majority. The Democrats grabbed the largest amount of seats in the right-wing bloc and, consequently, their party leader becomes Prime Minister along with Democrats being appointed to key positions in the government’s cabinet.

Much to the chagrin of Europe’s political establishment, Sweden’s right-wing parties have been busily rejecting or ending a number of leftist policies. Such as ending zero emissions policies, lobbying for more nuclear power plants, and just recently abolished the country’s Ministry of the Environment, a stand-alone agency.

Sweden’s new government has scrapped the ministry for the environment in a move that critics say is indicative of policies that threaten the country’s climate targets.

The largest Nordic nation is widely seen as a front-runner on climate matters, and since 1987 it has had a separate ministry for environmental issues. That legacy is now coming under question, after Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson decided the new minister in charge of climate and environment policies will work under the ministry for enterprise and energy, as one of his first moves after assuming power on Tuesday.

The change, which will have 26-year-old climate minister Romina Pourmokhtari report to Deputy Prime Minister Ebba Busch, drew ire from political opponents as well as environmental experts.

Sweden’s Environmental Ministry is one of the world’s first environmental agencies and the symbolism of this is significant. Not surprisingly, climate cultists are livid with the move.

No doubt the mean greenies have not yet heard about what happened in Germany. Hopefully, this is a sign that eco-thuggery is coming to an end. In the meantime, Bernie Sanders will no longer look to Sweden as being a model country to make his case for Socialism.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay