Sweden Scraps Environmental Ministry

Last month, Sweden’s Social Democrat Prime Minister resigned after the country’s center-right parties secured a parliamentary majority. The Democrats grabbed the largest amount of seats in the right-wing bloc and, consequently, their party leader becomes Prime Minister along with Democrats being appointed to key positions in the government’s cabinet. Much to the chagrin of Europe’s… Read More Sweden Scraps Environmental Ministry

Study: No Learning Loss For Swedish Children During #COVID-19 Pandemic

Earlier this month, a study published in the International Journal of Educational Research revealed that, as opposed to their American counterparts, Swedish children did not suffer any significant learning loss during the pandemic. The manuscript’s abstract says: The COVID-19 pandemic has led to worldwide school closures, with a risk of learning loss. Sweden kept primary schools open, but… Read More Study: No Learning Loss For Swedish Children During #COVID-19 Pandemic

The Swedish Strategy – Not Just a Failure

One YouTube influencer, The Hated One, traveled to Sweden to see the results of the country’s COVID-19 strategy for himself. He states calling it a success or failure at this stage, however, is premature. Image of Stockholm, Sweden by David Mark from Pixabay.

Study Ranks Effectiveness of #COVID-19 Interventions

An intriguing study was just published in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Human Behaviour yesterday. Researchers decided to rank the effectiveness of over 4000 government interventions to address #COVID-19. The manuscript provides a rating of the effectiveness of specific measures used in hopes of reducing the reproduction number R(t) during the first wave of the coronavirus… Read More Study Ranks Effectiveness of #COVID-19 Interventions

U.S. Media Still Pushes #COVID-19 Vaccine Scares

With the American media reporting about all of the activities and vile elements of the anti-vaccine movement, American news outlets are engaged in their own misinformation campaign not only about countries, like Sweden, but also the coronavirus vaccine being manufactured in the U.S. The American press literally acts not only as a propaganda arm for… Read More U.S. Media Still Pushes #COVID-19 Vaccine Scares

New York Times: Sweden Might Have #COVID-19 Outbreak Restrained

When Sweden announced their approach to COVID-19, the country was vilified in the press and among officials world-wide. The New York Times was one of the media outlets that joined in the chorus scolding the Nordic country. Now, in what could be considered eating crow, the Gray Lady has published an article essentially admitting Sweden… Read More New York Times: Sweden Might Have #COVID-19 Outbreak Restrained