Ukranian Nazi Collaborator Granddaughter Could Be New NATO Secretary General

The New York Times is well known for its controversial past. Among some of the many surprising things the news the Gray Lady has done is: they would not report on the plight of Jews in Nazi concentration camps, The Times has also helped promote Communism, and, more recently, the news outlet is promoting Nazis in Ukraine.

However, not only did The Times promote the Azov Battalion and other (ahem) far-right groups in hopes that they would defeat Russia, the latest Nazi the U.S.’s newspaper of record is promoting is none other than Chrystia Freeland. Not surprisingly, The Times is silent about Chrystia Freeland’s past. Not only did this wench support Justin Trudeau’s witch hunt against Canadian truckers who peacefully protested against COVID-19 mandates in Ottawa, it just so happens that Freeland’s grandfather, Mykhailo (Michael) Chomiak, was a prominent Ukrainian Nazi collaborator.

Chomiak was a Nazi propagandist and he supported the Nazi German cause until the bitter end. After the Third Reich was defeated, the Chomiaks moved to Canada and all indications are Freeland is a Nazi too. Freeland personally saw to it that Canada sold arms and sent troops to train Ukrainian Nazi organizations involved in the fighting against Russia. But despite her checkered past, Freeland is (according to The New York Times) the prime candidate to succeed the current NATO Foreign Minister Jens Stoltenberg and Joe Biden is said to even support Freeland too.

Nazis of a feather flock together.

PHOTO CREDIT: Parade in Stanislav, Ukraine circa 1943 – By Unknown author –, Public Domain,

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  1. It’s not as though there were libertarian parties back then. Nazi election posters read “der so? oder so?” showing two force-initiating looter alternatives… just like today’s altruist Kleptocracies.


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