Despite Drubbing On Coal, Biden Issues Threat To Oil Companies

It was just this past Friday that Joe Biden declared his intention to shut down coal mines, and his attempt to walk back his comments after incurring the wrath of fellow Democrat West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin. However, today Biden issued this threat to oil companies:

Biden made these remarks during a rally in New York he attended for Empire State governor Kathy Hochul. According to Fox Business, an environmentalist in the crowd at the rally yelled something at Biden and he replied with those statements. So far, no reply or criticism from members of Congress in oil producing states, like Texas.

Like Fox Business observes, Biden doubled down on his climate agenda and this will not bode well for him come Election Day due to the pain Americans are feeling at the gas pump including the higher utility bill they’re paying. But this goes back to what was originally said about Biden when he assumed office two years ago. Biden is this century’s James Buchanan and towing the left’s line is all he can do since they’re the core and fringe of the Democrat Party.

Image by Anita starzycka from Pixabay