Leaders At G20 Conference Sign Off On Vaccine Passports For Future Pandemics

The G20 Summit in Indonesia is wrapping up and leaders who attended the conference signed off on a measure that went largely unreported.

The same passport scheme conjured up during the COVID-19 pandemic largely decried as an invasion of privacy, medically discriminatory and helped spark large amounts of protests is back. Shockingly enough, The Sociable reports the program will apply to all immunizations recommended by the World Health Organization and not just those for COVID-19. The passport system will even include ways to track people’s vaccine status world-wide.

It will be interesting to see if attempts to enact vaccine passports come about and what the response will be. But for all of the people who laugh off people who raise concerns about global government or plans to subvert individual freedom, all you need do is watch what politicians are doing to make it a reality.

PHOTO CREDIT: Image by Markus Winkler from Pixabay