Just Stop Oil & XR Founder Downplayed The Holocaust

Fox News recently investigated the founder of Just Stop Oil, Roger Hallam, which is the group responsible for all of the vandalism of priceless art occurring across Europe during the past month and he also helped establish the other climate cult Extinction Rebellion (aka XR).

Roger Hallam — the founder of Just Stop Oil, a far-left British climate activist organization — once downplayed the Holocaust as a “normal event” and said climate change was a more serious threat.

Hallam, who also founded the climate group Extinction Rebellion, said in 2019 that there were many other instances of cruelty in human history besides the Holocaust, in an interview at the time with German media outlet Die Zeit, according to The Guardian. After facing widespread criticism for the comments, Hallam noted the climate crisis was another Holocaust on a “far greater scale.”

“They went to the Congo in the late 19th century and decimated it,” he continued. “[The Holocaust was] almost a normal event. Just another f—ery in human history.”

A short time after his statement, Hallam’s remarks were sharply condemned only for Hallam to quickly issue a (ahem) apology but using the occasion to say the so-called climate crisis is allegedly worse. Hallam only backtracked, he did not apologize and this is another example of how much the left hates Jews.

Like Asians and other middle-man minorities, Jews not only debunk the left’s claim that all cultures are the same and none is more successful than the other, but are hated because of their success. The left (including Nazis) is racist to the core and economist Tyler Cohen brilliantly revealed why in an essay he authored 25 years ago.