Britons Turn To “Warm Banks” Due To High Energy Bills

In the United States, a Code Blue takes place when temperatures are so frigid for a local jurisdiction’s homeless population that libraries and other public areas are made available so the homeless can keep warm. Great Britain is using a similar concept, except it isn’t just for their homeless, it is also for Britons who can’t afford their energy bills.

A shocking number of Britons have become impoverished in recent years due to high inflation and it has only gotten worse. According to National Energy Action, an estimated 8.4 million British households will be in fuel poverty from April 2023 and energy bills having increased in Great Britain more than 80% this year alone, the highest in Europe.

For sometime, schools in Great Britain have reported an increasing number of children are attending classes hungry with parents forced to decide whether to buy food or heat their homes. Worst of all, 1 out of every 3 British child lives in poverty and schools are having to somehow make up for it.

No doubt it is embarrassing for parents to see their kids suffer, and it doesn’t help that this takes place so close to Christmas. Unfortunately, there is little effort on the part of British lawmakers to repair the damage they have caused resulting mainly due to their embracing so-called renewable energy. One good question posed by the children of NHS health assistant Mary Obomese in Reuters‘ news report says it all (emphasis mine):

Obomese said her family had survived on just rice and pasta earlier this year after they ran out of money to buy food, with her children asking, “mummy, how can we be like this when we are in the UK?”

Indeed! Worst of all, what is happening in Great Britain can happen here resulting from Biden’s push for us to embrace what Europe has done.

Image by VV1ntermute from Pixabay