Offshore Windfarms May Be Causing Humpback Whale Deaths

A growing concern is brewing over the deaths of humpback whales after the carcass of one was discovered recently on Lido Beach in Nassau County, New York. A number of deceased whales have washed ashore on tri-state beaches in the past month and an investigation is underway to determine the cause of death.

New York’s offshore windfarm construction began last year and more are planned to be built. However, during 2022, a Rutgers University study determined whales were staying in New York City waters longer and with the construction of offshore wind turbines, not surprisingly, environmentalists are blaming the edifices as the reason for humpback whale deaths despite many other factors potentially being the cause.

This despite wind power is a renewable energy source that environmentalists support and Biden pledged to build wind farms as part of his so-called clean energy transition. Conveniently, green groups are using whale deaths as a reason to halt offshore windfarm construction. Environmentalists’ actions clearly demonstrate that they not only do not want fossil fuels used but also oppose energy facilities for the power sources they support. In the end, environmentalists would rather people literally live in a Dark Age.

Tucker Carlson took up humpback whale deaths on his Fox News show around mid-January with an interesting interview Meghan Lapp of Seafreeze Fisheries.