Couple’s 1,500-Mile Trip Demonstrates Hazards Of Electric Vehicles

Not only are electric vehicles status symbols for leftists, but they’re usage could mean the end of road trips.

A Michigan couple decided they had enough of the Wolverine State’s bitter cold and decided to take a 1500 mile trip in a Kia EV6 to Florida. Axios reporter Joan Muller describes the problems that she and her husband experienced while on the road in the freezing cold.

While Muller says the overall trip was leisurely, she also revealed that there were several difficulties taking the trip in an EV, especially in the freezing cold.

First, the cold weather caused the battery to drain quickly, resulting in the couple having to stop 12 different times spending four to eleven hour periods charging the car’s batteries. We stopped 12 times to recharge over the 1,500-mile journey. Charging times varied between 20 minutes and 55 minutes, depending on the state of the car’s battery and the speed of the chargers we used, Joan Muller said.

Shortly after beginning their trip in Detroit while temperatures were in the low 30’s, Muller’s husband became concerned about the extra strain that the cold weather would put on the battery. While driving, he decided to refrain from using cabin heat and opted for the heated steering wheel and seat obviously making for a grueling drive in bitter cold weather for him and his wife just to ensure their car would not stall.

During their travels, the two even developed intense range anxiety resulting from becoming worried about how long they could go without having to charge the vehicle and this even affected their decisions of where to sleep or even eat. With all of these issues coming up and despite Joan Muller saying their journey was doable and leisurely, ultimately, the married couple really could not enjoy their road trip due to the many panics they experienced.

We are continuously bombarded with propaganda saying electric vehicles are the future, that fossil fuel-powered vehicles are on their way out. But drivers of gas-powered vehicles do not nearly experience as many anxieties that the Muellers did and with fossil fuel-powered cars people have the appropriate information at their disposal to take action in order to avoid problems. However, Joan Muller revealed she ultimately had an agenda when considering whether or not electric vehicles can be used for long road trips saying: Not quite, but we’re making progress.