Climate Nazis Aren’t Just Coming After Gas Stoves

Despite having failed to ban gas stoves, the climate cultists aren’t going to stop and they have made a long list of other appliances they want banned too.

Democrats and far-left green groups have set their sights on regulating a wide range of popular household appliances in a bid to push their broader electrification and climate agenda.

The push to regulate everyday appliances — including water heaters, furnaces, clothes washers, dishwashers, ceiling fans, microwave ovens and shower heads — comes as the Biden administration and Democratic lawmakers continue to set lofty net-zero and climate goals for weaning off fossil fuel dependence. Environmentalists have argued that electrification, banning natural gas hookups and implementing strict energy efficiency standards could help accelerate emissions reductions.

“There’s bad news for almost every room in the house,” Ben Lieberman, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told Fox News Digital in an interview. “Climate activists and the Biden administration want homeowners to stop using natural gas and to electrify everything. That would affect appliances that come in natural gas and electric versions such as stoves, but also heating systems and water heaters.”

“So, there are efforts underway to tilt the balance in favor of electric versions even though natural gas is considerably cheaper on a per-unit energy basis,” he continued. “It makes sense to give consumers that choice rather than force them towards electric.”

According to Fox News the Biden administration pushed out more than 110 new regulations last year to inhibit the production of products that climate cultists oppose including mandate new building standards that will restrict construction. Fox also reported the administration also held an electrification conference at the White House where administration officials and environmentalists discussed ways to push electrification of building and transportation as a way to decrease using natural gas which is cheaper to use.

The initial effort to ban gas stoves ran into a major hurdle after a study, used by Consumer Product Safety Commission that warned gas stoves promote asthma in children was found to have been partially funded by RMI, a group who’s mission is to accelerate the clean energy transition. It was later revealed that the manuscript was co-authored by Brady Seals, the manager of RMI’s Carbon-Free Buildings arm, which aims to equip buildings exclusively with electric appliances.

RMI not only used the study to promote stove electrification, but has been the recipient of millions of dollars in donations from Breakthrough Energy, a “green energy” investment firm founded by Bill Gates. According to the group’s 2022 donors report the Bezos Earth Fund and Bloomberg Philanthropies have contributed to RMI too.

The updates to appliance rules Biden and environmentalists are pushing, including mass electrification, only means higher prices and a depreciated quality of life for people. But, then again, that is the point. Drive more people into poverty so they become dependent on the state.