Reporter Makes Surprising Discovery While Following Ohio Creek

On Monday, Ben Bergquam with Real America’s Voice News was following the bank LIttle Beaver Creek that runs south from East Palestine, Ohio into the Ohio River in Midland, Pennsylvania. While most of the wildlife coverage surrounding the East Palestine, Ohio debacle have been dead fish, Bergquam discovered three deer had died.

Since Norfolk Southern’s train derailed over three weeks ago, approximately 43,000 animals are dead resulting from the after effects of spilled toxic chemicals released from the train’s containers after it crashed. The shocking thing about Bergquam’s discovery is that the deer were within 50 yards from one another and there was no sign of physical trauma.

Bergquam said he didn’t find any proof of chemicals in the water, but said the deer were within 50 yards of each other. A very odd coincidence, Berquam noted, and he was the only reporter there. If there were more, there might have been a more thorough investigation since the dead deer are certainly concerning.

However, despite authorities saying area water chemical levels are not harmful and Cincinnati announcing the city would not take in water from the Ohio River, the drive-by media’s obsession with narratives and promoting woke ideology can lead to a lot of people getting hurt, including costing innocent people’s lives.