The Sinister Reason Behind Greta Thunberg’s Protesting Windfarms

Greta Thunberg helps remind us why environmentalists oppose the very renewable sources they claim can replace fossil fuels.

When Swedish climate advocate Greta Thunberg and other activists protested at several Norwegian government ministries this week, they weren’t demonstrating against new petroleum refineries or tax incentives for Big Oil. Instead, they were standing against wind farms, often seen as a key tool in fighting climate change.

But the two wind farms at stake are built on land in central Norway that is traditionally used by the Sami people to herd reindeer, a prized animal that has long provided them with food, clothing and labor. While the turbines bolster Norway’s green ambitions by powering thousands of homes, they do so at a cost activists say is too high: by disrupting the daily life of the Sami people and frightening the animals they rely on for their livelihood.

Activists representing Norway’s Sami community have for months been calling for the wind turbines to be demolished, accusing Norway of “putting profit over Indigenous rights.” Last week, activists sitting shoulder to shoulder began a protest occupation of the entrance to Norway’s Energy Ministry in Oslo.

This is a typical bait-and-switch the left conducts all of the time. On the one hand environmentalists say they support renewable energy sources (like wind and solar), but then protest or even sue to stop renewable energy edifices (like wind and solar farms) from being built.

Environmentalist’s actions speak louder than their words. Ban wind and solar farms along with fossil fuels using excuses like preserving animal species or alleged Indian tribal sacred lands and mankind is reverted to another Dark Age making people’s lives miserable while they reap all of the benefits.