Greta Thunberg Accused Of Staging Arrest At Norway Wind Farm Protest

Another publicity stunt by the latest Gaia high priestess, Pippy Longstocking … er … Greta Thunberg. She was recently detained and later removed by police officers while protesting a wind farm in Oslo, Norway claiming the edifice infringed on the rights of the native Sami people.

Reuters points out Pippy … er … Thunberg was taken into police custody after she blocked the entrances of the Norwegian finance, and, later, climate and environment ministries. Videos showed Thunberg being detained by two female police officers only to let Thunberg go shortly thereafter. Consequently, the result was condemnations saying her being arrested was staged.

Despite Thunberg not being taken into a police station and booked, let alone anything else happening to someone arrested for committing a crime, police deny the event was staged. Oslo Police also confirmed Thunberg and other protesters were not arrested, but pointed out the officers only moved them away from the entrances consistent with protecting their free speech rights.

In light of her theatrics during January in Aachen, Germany while attending a coal mine protest, it is hard not to believe Thunberg’s latest stunt in Norway was not somehow staged too.

None the less, Thunberg’s overall protest is another example of the bait-and-switch the left conducts in which their claims that renewable energy sources are merely window dressing to mask their true intent to rid people, other than them, of having access to clean, affordable, sources of energy.