Climate Cultists Vandalize Landmark Fountain in Rome

Cultists with the group Last Generation decided to douse the Barcaccia fountain in central Rome with a black substance that turned its water black. The Barcaccia fountain is at the foot of the Spanish Steps and was designed by Pietro Bernini in 1629. According to CNN, the cultists were taken into police custody and, while there was no permanent damage to the fountain, stains from the substance the vandals used have left stains.

Last Generation and other like-minded groups are well known to have vandalized a number prestigious art works and monuments throughout Europe, including in Italy, since last year. The groups doing this claim their doing so is to raise awareness about climate change, but (despite the art work not being harmed) the best thing to come out of their doing this is that doing so only backfires on green cultist’s efforts.

PHOTO CREDIT: By WikiRomaWiki – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,