Gun Shot Residue Test Proves Atlanta “Forest Defender” Fired First

Not surprisingly, leftist publications tried to get ahead of this obviously in anticipation of a residue test not having been performed yet.

A test found there was gunshot residue on the hands of a protester accused of shooting a police officer in a forest south of Atlanta back in January. To appreciate why this story is significant, you probably need to go through all of the back and forth in this case that has been taking place for the last three months.

For more than a year, protesters have been attempting to block construction of a police training facility in a forested area south of Atlanta. The most dramatic moment for this year-long protest movement came in January when a multi-agency force entered the forest to remove protesters so construction could proceed. A police officer was shot by a protester named Manuel Esteban Paez Teran and in return police opened fire on the protester, killing him. The police officer was rushed to the hospital and survived but has never been identified.

From the moment the shooting happened, the “forest defenders” claimed that Teran, known to his friends as Tortuguita, would never have fired a gun at a police officer because he was a committed pacifist. They suggested that police had opened fire on Tortuguita without provocation, striking one of their own officers with friendly fire.

As HotAir points out, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, in fact, did find evidence that Manuel Teran did fire a gun resulting from a residue test. Even a gun found at the scene matched the caliber of bullet that was found in the police officer who was shot and it probably belonged to Teran.

The efforts on the part of the left to claim Manuel Teran is a martyr are not surprising since they’re more interested in power and nihilistic destruction.