South Africa Beats Climate Goals And Is On Verge Of Collapse

South Africa can claim street cred for beating their goals to cut carbon emissions, but BBC reports the country’s numerous problems (like corruption) are to blame.

South Africa was a modern, wealthy, and cosmopolitan country that is now on the verge of collapse resulting from the numerous failures not only at its electrical stations, but also with its leftist political leadership. Consequently, the country is experiencing high unemployment, and most citizens no longer have air conditioning, education, communication, or even medical services.

What BBC fails to mention, is the South African government’s racist, equity policy to systematically kick out every White person employed in all sectors of the country’s economy including jobs, like engineers, skilled to run power plants which largely contributed to their debacle. During Apartheid, Black South Africans were not able to learn how to be engineers, including those knowledgeable enough to operate power plants.

The White people driven out of their jobs have, understandably, fled South Africa and the end result is nothing short of a coming Dark Ages with mass starvation, outbreaks of disease, and little economic opportunities to boot. But, hey, at least South Africa’s carbon emissions are down!

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