“Experts Say” You Can’t Joke About Climate Change. No Really!

Yes this is a news story that was an article published by USA Today.

Winter storms are pummeling the United States, snow is piling up, temperatures are dropping, traffic is snarling and there’s always the threat of thunderstorms and thundersnow.

Just like clockwork, the emails, tweets and Facebook posts start flowing. Maybe it’s a joke, maybe it’s a snarky critique, maybe it’s a meme. The words change, but the format is familiar: If global warming is real, why is it so cold out?

Scientists likely don’t think that joke is as funny as another familiar climate change quip: Never argue about climate change – it always turns into a heated debate.

You are not allowed to joke about globull … global warming … er … climate change! EVER!!! Your life will be run by us and you will be happy, dammit!