God Emperor Trump Has Struck Again!

God Emperor Trump’s unlimited power, thanks to the Infinity Stones, work wonders. He can not only influence the weather, but also make people gain weight, lose weight, change their political parties, end people’s marriages, quit their jobs, feel violated during sex, affect people’s sex lives, incite harassment, make people stab themselves, delete citations in scientific studies, deceives Catholics, makes people conduct road rage, and now he can make media outlets discredit themselves. It was only a matter of time. From NewsBusters quoting New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman:

“Look, I do think that it’s important to remember that part of the issue when this was first being reported on and discussed back a few months after the pandemic had begun, then President Trump and Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State, both suggested they had seen evidence that this was formed in a lab and they also suggested it was not released on purpose, but they refused to release the evidence showing what it was. So because of that, that made this instantly political. I think this was example 1000 where the Trump administration learned when you burn your own credibility over and over again, people are not immediately going to believe you, especially in an election year. However, that does not mean it’s not worth discussing.”

All hail God Emperor Trump! He is all knowing and all powerful! Below is his first and only appearance two years ago at a carnival in Milan, Italy.