Anti-Vaxxers Are A Very Old Problem

Kiona Smith, June 30, 2019, Forbes The American anti-vaccine movement is nothing new; it started in 1721, when people took to the streets of Boston to try and stop physician Zabdiel Boylston from inoculating people against smallpox. Imagine a major U.S. city with half its population too sick to get out of bed, desperately in…

Imaginary Changes of Climate

People have been imagining climate change for as long as people have occupied this planet. As scientist and author Tony Heller points out, climate alarmists imagine themselves to be sophisticated, yet they suffer from the same primitive superstitions which humans have always suffered from.

Boston Judge Accepts Climate Necessity Defence, Dismisses Charges

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Judge Mary Ann Driscoll has dismissed criminal charges against protestors including Al Gore’s daughter on the grounds that their actions were necessary to prevent climate change. Judge sets aside charges in pipeline protest Jordan Graham Thursday, March 29, 2018 … The protesters, including Karenna Gore, the daughter of former Vice […]…

Russia’s Support of Environmentalists is Paying Off

Drew Johnson of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance makes an interesting observation in a commentary published in The Wall Street Journal. During late January, a Russian tanker from Siberia carrying natural gas arrived in Boston Harbor in which Johnson points out: The activist group is organizing online campaigns to oppose every new coal, oil, and…

Sea Level Fraud At The Union Of Concerned Scientists

Recently, the so-called Union of Concerned Scientists issued a study claiming that cities in the Northeastern United States would face catastrophic results from sea level rise attributed to human induced climate change. In this video scientist and blogger shows how the the group uses sea level junk science in an effort to obtain donations.