F.B.I. Counter-Terrorism Commandos Deployed on January 6th, 2021

Having previously posted about the events of January 6th, 2021, a shocking new development has been revealed about what took place. According to Newsweek, a squad of counter-terrorism commandos with shoot-to-kill authority were deployed at Capitol Hill.

This action the result of a meeting of the heads of 6 elite government special operations units without the knowledge or consent of President Trump nor other intelligence agencies. From the article:

“On Sunday, January 3, the heads of a half-dozen elite government special operations teams met in Quantico, Virginia, to go over potential threats, contingencies, and plans for the upcoming Joint Session of Congress. The meeting, and the subsequent deployment of these shadowy commandos on January 6, has never before been revealed.

Right after the New Year, Jeffrey A. Rosen, the acting Attorney General on January 6, approved implementation of long-standing contingency plans dealing with the most extreme possibilities: an attack on President Donald Trump or Vice President Mike Pence, a terrorist attack involving a weapon of mass destruction, and a declaration of measures to implement continuity of government, requiring protection and movement of presidential successors.

Rosen made a unilateral decision to take the preparatory steps to deploy Justice Department and so-called “national” forces. There was no formal request from the U.S. Capitol Police, the Secret Service, or the Metropolitan Police Department—in fact, no external request from any agency. The leadership in Justice and the FBI anticipated the worst and decided to act independently, the special operations forces lurking behind the scenes.”

The Newsweek article goes on to point out:

“On the morning of January 6, most of these forces staged closer to downtown Washington, particularly after intelligence was received indicating a possible threat to FBI headquarters building or the FBI’s Washington Field Office. FBI tactical teams arrived on Capitol Hill early in the day to assist in the collection of evidence at sites—including the Republican and Democrat party national headquarters—where explosive devices were found. FBI SWAT teams and snipers were deployed to secure nearby congressional office buildings. Other FBI agents provided selective security around the U.S. Capitol and protection to congressional members and staff.”

More (emphasis mine):

“The presence of these extraordinary forces under the control of the Attorney General—and mostly operating under contingency plans that Congress and the U.S. Capitol Police were not privy to—added an additional layer of highly armed responders. The role that the military played in this highly classified operation is still unknown, though FBI sources tell Newsweek that military operators seconded to the FBI, and those on alert as part of the National Mission Force, were present in the metropolitan area. The lingering question is: What was it that the Justice Department saw that provoked it to see January 6 as an extraordinary event, something that the other agencies evidently missed.

So federal national security authorities put secret commandos in place throughout the day without telling Trump or even the knowledge of other intelligence services? This explains why the National Guard requests made by the U.S. Capitol Police were denied multiple times when things started to get out of hand.

Julie Kelly who is a columnist at American Greatness has been following the events of January 6th, and she alleges that the debacle was an inside job plotted by Congressional Democrats. However, it is hard not to believe that Mitch McConnell and other Congressional Republicans had a hand in it since many of them also did not like Trump.

Kelly’s Twitter page lit up after Newsweek broke this story and I agree with her that this new information is mind blowing. It raises important questions about the validity, not only about the claims of violence or vandalism that took place, but also whether it was intentional. Combine this with leftist agitators revealed among Trump supporters and the political persecution of Trump supporters arrested for the January 6th events and it all starts to make sense.

PHOTO CREDIT: Tear gas used outside the U.S. Capitol – By Tyler Merbler from USA – DSC09523-2, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=98637510