Extinction Rebellion Threatens Eco-Terrorism Over Climate Change

The environmental activist group, Extinction Rebellion (XR), is now coming out and saying it. Toward the end of last month, the Godfather of Canada’s environmental movement, David Takayoshi Suzuki, spoke at an XR rally declaring that pipelines would be blown up if leaders don’t act on climate change.

While Suzuki later apologized for his remarks, Extinction Rebellion did not and even defended Suzuki’s statement. According to Vancouver Is Awesome, the green group is quoted as saying:

“‘Not only will pipelines be blown up, but we can be certain that world leaders will be put on trial for treason or worse – be killed,’ says Zain Haq, Extinction Rebellion Canada’s National Action & Strategy Coordinator. ‘Although Extinction Rebellion activists are nonviolent, we cannot control the actions of those outside of this movement who may commit acts of violence.’”

Keep in mind that Extinction Rebellion claims to be a non-violent civil disobedience effort. But this latest change of strategy only shows the group to be nothing more than the nihlistic thugs they always have been. Furthermore, despite their opposition to fossil fuels and wealthy capitalists, XR has no problem taking money from millionaires such as Rory Kennedy (RFK’s daughter ) and Aileen Getty, who is related to oil tycoon J. Paul Getty. XR also gets money funneled to them from overseas too.

As has been stated before, leftists have not been radicalized, they are radicals and they (along with environmentalists) are not misguided but purely evil. The recent increase in leftist violence is widening and their scope of bombings and killings will now get worse, since it will be directed against fossil fuels and the economic system the left reviles: capitalism.