The Left’s End Game Exposed: The Arrest of Donald Trump

American Greatness investigative reporter Julie Kelly joined EpochTV recently in which she reveals that the arrest and persecution of Trump supporters and January 6th participants including the so-called committee formed to investigate what happened, is laying the groundwork for the eventual arrest of former President Donald Trump.

The left continues to lose ground in the culture war since Donald Trump assumed the presidency. What the left has done to people such as Roger Stone and Steve Bannon demonstrates they’re not only their arrogance but also desperation. The left is getting more brazen while losing ground.

This isn’t the first time that the left is willing to tear the United States apart in order to continue to cling to power at any cost. Their first attempt was trying to make the case for state’s rights in order to justify continued slave ownership that resulted in the Civil War. No doubt they will fail now like they did back then, but this is going to get very ugly and a lot of damage to the United States will be done as a result.

PHOTO CREDIT: Lavrentiy Beria, Josef Stalin’s ruthless secret police chief who bragged he could find criminal conduct on anyone, including the innocent.

(H/T Gateway Pundit)