George Carlin on Environmentalists

Today is the anniversary of George Carlin’s 81st birthday and he gave a hilarious thrashing of environmentalists during a 1992 comedy special he did in New York City. Carlin also told the truth that the Earth has been through a lot worse than man’s influence.

Dilbert takes swipe at climate alarmists

Back in February, Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams published a post on his blog expressing doubt about the certainty of predictions made by climate scientists claiming that climate change is human induced. While science can make accurate predictions and conclusions with testable hypothesis along with observation, sadly, when it is politicized, the science field in question… Read More Dilbert takes swipe at climate alarmists

Jim Carrey – Environmental Guy

This comedy skit was performed on the show In Living Color in the 1990’s. It is a hysterical rendition of what environmentalists are perceived as by most people. Carrey does a good job and it was prior to his pro-green, anti-vaccine activism. Enjoy!