The Red-Green Menace

In this Climate Discussion Nexus Backgrounder, Dr. John Robson warns of a weird convergence between the Green movement’s Net Zero plan and the Chinese Communist Party’s Hundred Year Marathon plan, both of which would leave the West crippled by rejection of fossil fuels by 2050 while China became globally dominant by exploiting them. PHOTO CREDIT:… Read More The Red-Green Menace

“Hanoi Jane” Fonda: #COVID-19 is “God’s gift to the Left”

In 1972, Jane Fonda associated with the Communist enemy during the Vietnam War, recently conducted climate change activism, and now praises God for the opportunity the coronavirus has afforded the Left. According to the Washington Free Beacon, Fonda made these awful statements during a Zoom event in conjunction with Democrat Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris.… Read More “Hanoi Jane” Fonda: #COVID-19 is “God’s gift to the Left”

Far-Left Extremism Study Warns of Possible “Mass-Casualty Event”

Three years ago, author Ed Klein discovered an FBI investigation that Leftist activists traveled to the Middle East during the Obama Administration to be trained by Islamic terrorists. When one takes this into account, the tactics outlined by researchers in their manuscript make sense. Report On Rising Far-Left Extremism Raises Concerns Of Possible ‘Mass-Casualty Event’… Read More Far-Left Extremism Study Warns of Possible “Mass-Casualty Event”