Judge Dismisses Case Against Aussie Anti-Fracking Vandals

If this wasn’t so unbelievable this would be hilarious. ABC News reports two environmentalist campaigners with the group Protect Country Alliance named Lauren Mellor and Conrad Rory were accused of vandalizing Australia’s Northern Territory Parliament’s lawn during a protest their organization held last year. The hooligans were charged with using a bobcat to drill holes in the parliament’s lawn.

The judge stated that, while he agreed that the two hoodlums were guilty of vandalism, but dismissed the case. The judge decided the prosecution did not establish the NT Parliament owned the property in the first place and that the protest was unlikely to have any impact on the government’s decision.

No proof of the NT Parliament constructing, maintaining, or even having the grounds policed to establish some sort of common law ownership? This is how environmentalist and other Leftist hooligans continue their destructive activities when they’re enabled by legal decisions like this. Never mind the judge’s potential legal obligation to exact justice penalizing people for acts of vandalism which are illegal.