Maricopa County Voting Centers Plagued With Tabulation Errors, More Republican Than Democrat Areas Affected

A shocking, but not surprising report has been released meticulously detailing that voting centers used in Maricopa County, Arizona experienced massive tabulation errors and more Republican than Democrat areas were affected.

A factor contributing to the disproportionate effect the tabulation problem had affecting Republicans more than Democrats was the high number of Republicans voting in-person on election day, in contrast to Democrats who voted heavily by early ballot. At 4:30 p.m., ABC-15 Data Analyst Garrett Archer tweeted that 54 percent of voters so far that day were Republicans versus 16 percent Democrat voters, which means there were well over 350 percent more Republicans than Democrats. Independents and Libertarians made up the rest.

While officials initially claimed only 20 percent of locations were affected, that was revised at least 50 percent more than that, 31 percent — or 70 of the 223 vote centers established by the county – that were open on election day. Kari Lake and her campaign, who believe that number may be even higher, constituting 52 percent of the locations, responded to a tweet from Rasmussen Reports about the numbers, “The tabulators in Maricopa County worked 100% of the time during an early voting season that heavily favors the @azdemparty. They worked just 52% of the time on Election Day for the @AZGOP. Maricopa Count[y] consists of 62% of Arizona. This election was broken.”

There were reports of county vote tabulation machines having problems the day of the election and many voters decided to wait for the devices to be replaced, while others left out of frustration not having cast their votes at all. Worst of all, if a voter went to another voting center, they would have been given a provisional ballot despite assurances that they would be given regular ones.

A potential solution to the voting machines has been found which, hopefully, will fix the problems experienced on Election Day once and for all. None the less, the fact that Republican areas experienced more problems than Democrat ones is very concerning especially considering the information the Attorney General received showing vote fraud may have occurred during the 2020 election after all.

So far, two Arizona counties have delayed certifying the midterm election results and Kari Lake as well as other Republican candidates would be fully justified in seeking legal recourse since what occurred does wreak of voter suppression, the very thing the left accuses their opponents of conducting. Especially due to this response by Maricopa County board of supervisors chairman Bill Gates (who is now in hiding resulting from security concerns) when posited that Florida had their ballots counted and election decisions completed by midnight on Election Day: