BLM “Peaceful Protest” in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

This peaceful protest happened the other day in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin and is another demonstration that Black Lives (Don’t) Matter riots are spreading to suburbs. The unrest occurred after a decision was made by the Milwaukee County District Attorney not to charge one of the city’s police officers. During February, Officer Joseph Mensah (who is a… Read More BLM “Peaceful Protest” in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

UW-Madison Pushes Back Against PETA Accusations

UW-Madison operates the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center in which monkeys there are used in medical experiments. Animal rights groups (such as People for the Extortion, Torture and Abuse of human beings) are obviously conducting a harassment campaign against the facility filing complaints with USDA about the lab’s practices. The center recently debunked claims PETA… Read More UW-Madison Pushes Back Against PETA Accusations

Mostly Peaceful Protests

CNN says the protests are mostly peaceful, while Kamala Harris says the protesters should keep doing what they are doing, and that we should join them. (H/T Tony Heller) PHOTO SOURCE: Completely burned out car dealership Car Source Kenosha Burned out car lot 5821 Sheridan Rd, Kenosha, WI – By Lightburst – Own work, CC… Read More Mostly Peaceful Protests

Democrat’s Support for Riots Backfires And Locals Have Had Enough

Tim Pool lays it all out how the Democrats and their media lapdogs have enabled and coddled the riots and looting going on in places in Minneapolis, Chicago, Portland, and (more recently) Kenosha, Wisconsin. The Left employed a strategy they’ve used for years hoping to use the mayhem their revolutionary army created as a means… Read More Democrat’s Support for Riots Backfires And Locals Have Had Enough

A Country Built By Floods

North America has had millions of floods, which created the fertile soils of the Midwest. In this video, Tony Heller discusses geologic history and scientific illiteracy at The New York Times. PHOTO CREDIT: Wikimedia – 1935 Houston Flood

Court sides with animal “rights” group on UW primate testing records

USA Today reports a Wisconsin state appellate court sided with the Animal Legal Defense Fund in a lawsuit they brought against the University of Wisconsin for with holding records related to animal tests at UW-Madison’s medical laboratory. The reason for the decision was UW saw the documents as not meeting the public records definition stating… Read More Court sides with animal “rights” group on UW primate testing records