Deepak Chopra poo-poos GMO products

New age guru Deepak Chopra has decided to go green by condemning genetically modified foods (aka GMO’s). A man known for his claim to being able to reverse aging (except for himself) decides to poo-poo the idea of people eating foods that have been bio-technologically altered. Chopra seems to can’t stand the fact that companies (like Monsanto) make money on selling their products. This despite the fact that he makes millions of dollars in book sales and consultations peddling his New Age quackery known as Quantum healing.

Unlike Chopra’s pseudoscientific healing methods, genetically modified foods are based on sound science and are beneficial to mankind. GMO’s are a result of technological accomplishments and since environmentalists oppose technology to the point of religious fervor grounded their hatred of human beings, they resort not only to smear and intimidation campaigns but also enlisting the help of mystics to make their case.

Genetically modified foods are the rest of the efforts of scientist Norman Borlaug. He created different varieties of wheat that would be more impervious to infection coupled with high crop yield potential which incorporated the capability to withstand poor development conditions. As a result of Borlaug’s achievement, it has empowered underdeveloped nations to have the capacity to develop more food that have served to prevent famines and enables wealthier countries to not only expand their food supplies but also export food to assist poor countries in need of food.

Green fanatics behind the slander campaigns against GMO’s and organizations that manufacture them are also killing a huge number of individuals with their words and activities. After Europe banned the export of GMO’s to third world countries it has resulted in massive starvations and death. The attack by environmentalists on GMO’s is really an attack on our food supply. To paraphrase the logic of the subheading of Bare Naked Islam it isn’t paranoia when environmentalists are trying to kill you.