One way environmentalists screw people out of life and liberty

Should there be any doubt in people’s minds as to why groups, like the Sierra Club, oppose tax measures? Los Angeles County has referred to it’s ballot a referendum to do just that. It would increase county property taxes an additional $10 on top of the $13 they already pay not only for more park space but also for recreational centers, trails, and wildlife habitats. I mean, these are things environmentalists love and you would think all of them would jump on board with this idea right? Not exactly.

Despite the League of Conservation Voters’ support of LA County’s park plan and the tax that goes along with it, the Sierra Club says no. The biggest reason for this is the Sierra Club holds the radical line while groups like the League Conservation Voters pose as the moderate group that endorses proposals like this to make nice with politicians. Ultimately, both organizations are united in their hatred of mankind. If the proposition passes, taxes go up which helps to push more people out of California since it becomes more expensive to live in places like Los Angeles. If not, so much the better since it means less sprawl and development.

The Sierra Club, on the other hand, hews to it’s radicalism by opposing Measure P since environmentalists ultimately hate growth since it is a symbol of prosperity. Do you remember the campaigns by these guys conducted reeling against urban sprawl? In Arizona during the 1990’s, environmentalists got an initiative on the state’s ballot that would have put heavy restrictions on building and construction throughout the state. Fortunately, it was overwhelmingly rejected but the measure itself is a demonstration of the environmentalist’s hatred of growth since it is a symbol of prosperity and enhances people’s lives.

All of this does not matter to environmentalists since to them nature should be valued for valuing’s sake. It is an ethic grounded in intrinsicism that extends to all aspects of existence. Gang green’s tactics are right out of the Left’s playbook. Said movement has groups that play both sides of the fence. In this case the League of Conservation Voters endorses LA’s tax measure while the Sierra Club opposes it. Then the LCV people go to politicians since they are seen as approachable. LCV then works to get more of their goals enacted into law and they point to the Sierra Club as the people they will deal with as well as a potential primary challenger when said politician runs again for re-election if they don’t get what they want. Typical good cop, bad cop.

Just like in any religion the moderates help the radicals since the end goal is the subjugation of man. In this case it is the sacrifice mankind to the needs of nature.