Study links fracking to birth defects …. or does it?

Here we go again! The method surrounding the plot by environmentalist groups who got scientists to publish a false study used to make the case to EU regulators to ban neonicotinoid pesticides is being repeated except this time it is in the US and the target is fracking. Two news stories published by The Huffington Post and US News and World Report based on a study claiming that fracking is linked to birth defects, infertility and a number of other reproductive problems.

However, the study was published and not peer reviewed. This is the kind of fraud environmentalists pull. They get a research piece submitted and published by activist scientists and then contact reporters who may or may not be supportive on the research’s findings in order to get a story out to legitimize the research’s data before it is even subject to peer review. The two reporters who are responsible are Lynne Peeples and Alan Newhauser. I have emailed both of them asking if they are aware of the circumstances surrounding the plot uncovered in Europe where scientists were discovered planning to have neonic pesticides banned.

The claims made in this new study remind me of the controversy surrounding fracking allegedly contributing to polluting the water supply. One couple featured in the movie Gasland named Craig and Julie Sautner were interviewed saying their water was contaminated as a result of the drilling method. Pennsylvania environmental officials and then later the EPA tested the Sautner’s water and concluded it was not. This study is nothing more than another instance of politicized science and one other way environmentalists attack industry as part of their war on fossil fuels. Ultimately, it is an attack on us and our way of life.

The below video is an excerpt from the movie Fracknation. Watch the reaction of the Sautner’s when they are told their groundwater was not contaminated.