Six products for your Christmas list care of NRDC

The National Resource Defense Council has made a list of six products that they recommend people avoid buying associating the products they decry as contributing deforestation in Latin America and (you guessed it) global warming because each of the items involves lots of carbon emissions to produce them. The list of six items are:

1) Beef

2) Soybeans

3) Palm oil

4) Timber

5) Gasoline

I recommend playing the role of contrarian and buying one or all of the items NRDC advises against. There isn’t any activity that humans are involved in that doesn’t involve some sort of carbon emissions and much of what environmentalists say is not true. This is tantamount to a recommendation to not use products that can make our lives better. Deforestation and increased carbon emissions that contribute to global warming has been attributed to the production of Halloween candy and also Black Friday and what environmentalists say regarding these issues is on the verge of ridiculous. Humans have a moral right to bend nature in order to live. If said activities contribute to deforestation, you notice no effort of NRDC’s part to reforest the areas they state are being affected. The whole purpose behind recommendations like this is to make life more difficult for people and environmentalist groups are all about denying us happiness.