The shockwaves felt with California egg rules

The effects of California’s Proposition 2 are now being felt. Iowa TV station KIMT reports that eggs sold by companies that do business in The Golden State could go as high as 20 cents a dozen. Prices could also go up nationwide resulting from the new law too. Some people do not mind but it would make a difference to a poor person who needs to feed themselves and their family. It is the poor that animal rights activists really have contempt for.

I would like to comment on a statement made by a Northern Iowa Humane Society spokesperson, Sybil Soukup, who was quoted in the KIMT story. She commented on how chickens are housed stating:

“The majority of them are housed in what’s called a battery cage and these are wired cages that the USDA has a minimum standard of size on. That is 67 square inches, which is less than the size of a sheet of paper,” said Soukup.

Predation, and not reason, is an animal’s means of survival. Animals survive by sensory perceptual instincts and a pleasure-pain mechanism and they lack any capacity to do so or any sense of morality. Statements like this and propositions like California’s Proposition 2 are grounded in the idea that people do not have a right to own own lives. That as humans we must sacrifice our ability to live at the expense of creatures who have no sense of morality. Animals are a planetary resource no different than oil, natural gas or any other plant grown for human consumption. The only difference is that animals can be domesticated for companionship or labor. Primarily they are used for consumption and to implement rules like Proposition 2 is to enact a kind of bill of rights for animals at the expense of human lives.