WA environmentalists seek more wolf attacks on humans, food supply

Wolf attacks on livestock in northeastern Washington state has prompted the state’s Department of Fish and Wildlife to announce a cull for the second time this year. According to the Associated Press, Deaths of cattle resulting from wolf attacks have been confirmed by Washington’s Fish and Wildlife department that undertook the investigation since mid-July.

The decision to kill the wolves located at Profanity Peak in Ferry Country has prompted an outcry from environmentalists. The Center for Biological Diversity decided to lay blame on ranchers, essentially saying that they took the risk of their cattle grazing on public lands when wolf attacks occur.

We can’t keep placing wolves in harm’s way by repeatedly dumping livestock onto public lands with indefensible terrain, then killing the wolves when conflicts arise, Amaroq Weiss, of the Center for Biological Diversity, told the AP on Thursday.

As I have stated before, the sinister reason why environmentalists want wolves protected is simple: reduced carbon emissions. Environmentalist groups and sympathetic residents have filed a number of lawsuits against farmers and ranchers due to livestock emissions. Studies have been done correlating emissions from livestock as contributing to climate change. As a result, not only do environmentalists sue establishments involved in raising livestock but also see wolves as a means to an end.

By making the wolf population larger, it makes it more likely that animals used in meat production will be attacked and eaten by wolves rendering them useless for human consumption. It is a revolting concept greens have pushing for policies to help enlarge the wolf population grounded in the idea of balancing the eco-system. It is also a form of behavior modification since livestock attacks contribute to ratcheting up meat and poultry prices.

Higher meat prices, in turn, will hopefully prod people to become vegetarians while also curbing human activity to help the planet’s climate (in their minds). Another benefit with having larger wolf populations increases the likelihood not only that our food supply will drop but humans would be attacked too. Not only would wolves kill livestock animals but they would also help get rid of what environmentalists see as the root cause of Earth’s problems: mankind itself.

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