Green-friendly school animal “rights” target, staff issued death threats

A small, woman-led school that teaches environmental skills in western North Carolina named Wild Abundance is the target of a harassment campaign by animal rights activists. According to the Citizen-Times the focus of the campaign is over a class entitled Cycles of Life: Humane Slaughter and Butchering that teaches participants meat preservation and would involve the slaughter of a sheep that is processed into food.

While the two groups urging the school not to slaughter the sheep have requested their supporters to contact the institution in a polite way, not all messages have been pleasant. Some have said the recipient deserved to die while others have said I should cut your throat, I should beat you with a ham’. The threats got so bad that the butcher who was going to perform the slaughter stepped down. However, she was later replaced with someone who preferred to remain anonymous and there is no indication the class at that time was cancelled.

What should be of note is one woman interviewed was aghast at the campaign. She said their school is going to kill one sheep but there are more animals (like pigs) slaughtered elsewhere. The entire controversy surrounding this incident isn’t indicative of a split among environmentalists but it demonstrates the totalitarian nature of their movement. Environmentalism isn’t just destructive to human life outside their campaigns and civilization in general it is also anti-human to the point where environmentalists will even eat their own over ideological differences.

4 thoughts on “Green-friendly school animal “rights” target, staff issued death threats

  1. And that is the fundamental issue with today’s environmentalism movement. Radical environmentalism is tarnishing this movement’s noble intentions.


    • That’s because the so-called radicals express the true intent of environmentalists as a whole. There is a film you can watch about Earth First where a Sierra Club leader refused to condemn Earth First’s actions. There reason for that is that Sierra Club agrees with Earth First and other violent primitivist groups because ultimately their goals are the same.


      • In theory yes. The green movement is reluctant to condemn the actions of groups like Earth First and Earth Liberation Front because they know both groups express their true intentions. It is worse among animal “rights” groups. PETA has raised money and openly defended ALF & other violent activists including paying for legal representation.


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