Saving the planet or destroying jobs?

Back in 2011 ReasonTV produced a special video showing a case of the heavy handedness of environmental regulation which is an extension of environmentalism itself. In 2011 the California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved new air quality standards that affected a trucking business owned by Dwayne Witney.

CARB claims that diesel particulates, a type of pollution emitted from buses and trucks, contributes to 2,000 premature deaths in California each year. But UCLA epidemiologist Dr. James Enstrom says the number should be closer to zero.

In 2005 Enstrom authored an extensive study that found no relationship between diesel particulates and premature deaths. He says his study, as well as other evidence that agrees with it, have been ignored by an agency bent on passing ever more stringent regulations regardless of their effect on California’s economy.

Enstrom blew the whistle on CARB for, among other things, failing to publicize that the lead author of the study that was used to justify the new regulations falsified his education history (he purchased his PhD from an online diploma mill).

But UCLA didn’t defend Dr. Enstrom. In fact, officials notified him that, after 34 years at the university, he was fired.

In this video, you will see first hand not only the corruption of public officials at work but how the green regulation machine works. Dr. Enstrom is fighting his employment termination and thanks to attorneys for the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education representing him, in 2013 Dr. Enstrom received a very favorable ruling from a federal court.