Environmentalists attack Shell over Port of Seattle usage

Multiple environmentalist groups sued the Port of Seattle in hopes of preventing Royal Dutch Shell’s arctic fleet from being able to use as a home port. According to the Associated Press, in early February, Port of Seattle signed a lease agreement to lease fifty acres with a company whose client is Shell. An attorney with EarthJustice states that the lease agreement goes against Port of Seattle’s original purpose as a cargo hub and, subsequently, filed suit demanding environmental assessments and reviews before such an agreement can take place.

The CEO of Port of Seattle, Theodore Fick, states that the port determined that the lease agreement is exempt from environmental review since the new tenants conduct the same activity as the previous ones. Green groups say that Shell’s drilling fleet has a poor history of complying with environmental laws and a bad history of pollution.

All the green groups are doing are blowing smoke. Their intent is not to protect the environment as much as it is to make it difficult for oil companies, like Shell, to use venues like Port of Seattle so the company can’t do business. Environmentalist’s hostility to fossil fuels and companies that produce and extract them know no bounds since they consider crude oil and other materials used by humans to live as infringing on nature’s ecosystem such as causing (you guessed it) climate change. Environmentalists will go so far as to sue to block companies like Shell from using facilities like Port of Seattle so the company can provide its customers with the oil and gas products people need to live productive, healthy lives.

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