Canadian mayor lashes out at Greenpeace, environmentalists

Saguenay, Quebec Mayor Jean Tremblay has called upon all city employees and unions to take action against Greenpeace and other intellectuals of the world. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation states that Tremblay posted a video to YouTube that went viral since his speech lashed out at environmentalists for their thinking that they know what is best for his city than the people of Saguenay.

“If things continue like this, there will be no more work for our workers. We are not able to develop projects anymore,” Tremblay says in the video.

“Our forest — we have an extraordinary forest — but the people of Greenpeace with their certifications are more intelligent than our government that establishes laws and is elected democratically?”

Within a few hours, Mayor Tremblay’s video had almost 20,000 views. In his video, Tremblay complained that groups, like Greenpeace, would block work projects geared for usage of natural resources like natural gas and phosphate.

Despite Greenpeace’s dismissing the mayor’s accusations, Tremblay’s rant is not altogether surprising. The movie Mine Your Own Business details how environmentalists are blocking development in first and even third world countries. The film opens up in Rosia Montana, Romania where environmentalist groups have used political influence to block the development of the town where a mining company named Gabriel Resources sought to build a mine which would create jobs, clean up the area environment ravaged due to neglect resulting from Romania’s communist past and lift the standard of living of the people living there.

If you would like to watch the video, you can do so below. I apologize as I was unable to find a subtitled version.