Animal “rights” terrorists harass Florida monkey farms

I love a good conspiracy and animal rights terrorists … er … activists in Hendry County, Florida have uncovered a juicy one. The News Press reports that Hendry County, Florida commissioners are in bed with monkey farms located in the municipality and the monkey farming industry is growing in secret! As it turns out, Hendry County is home to four farms where animals (such as monkeys) are raised and used in laboratory experiments! Heavens to Betsy, such a horrid thing! Someone has to do something!

It is such a news item that washed up journalist and vegan extraordinaire Jane Velez Mitchell decided to show up too. In fairness the county is investigating one of the farms owned by the Mannheim Foundation but it is for zoning violations. Some residents have some legitimate concerns such as the potential for illness to be transmitted if monkeys are stung from local mosquitoes which could carry a virus. A lawsuit has also been filed alleging the county violated its own zoning laws related to approving the facilities in question. But, gosh darned it, the animal rights folks were going to make asses … er … I mean give Hendry County officials a piece of their mind. They disrupted a conference where even monkey farm company executives attended. You can see below how these fools … I mean uh … brave eco-warriors made out.