Brazil Among Top Four Deadliest Countries for Environmentalists

A very sobering report was issued by the Non-Governmental Organization Global Witness on Tuesday. According to The Rio Times, Brazil is in the top four countries where environmentalists are likely to be killed in which the Philippines holds the highest number of deaths. Colombia and Guatemala also made the list.

It is sobering and, simultaneously, saddening that (albeit naive) human beings have had their lives taken and, in this case, it is to defend the natural environment of their country or the habitat of a species of animal. Since they are adults, ultimately, it is a choice they made. However, in many ways it can be considered a false one since environmentalism is in the Marxist tradition and the death toll wrought by the evils of Karl Marx’s ideas (grounded in altrustic sacrifice) serves as a testament to his abhorrent legacy.

The deaths of or methods used against political opponents in order to even harass or intimidate them that are not within the confines of the law is something the author will not ever call for, celebrate, or cheer. Unless said individual(s) were engaged in conduct to clearly do harm to the innocent such as deception, manipulation, murder, maim, or some sort of physical or emotional mutilation. Usually, people who meet their unfortunate demise in cases, like the ones listed in the NGO report, have been indoctrinated or somehow manipulated into believing they are participating in a righteous or noble cause. It is conclusively the leaders of such efforts and its financiers who should be held legally and morally responsible since the blood of these people is ultimately on their hands.

It must be stressed that the activists in question were not innocent, helpless, or misguided, and do bear responsibility for their actions. Furthermore, the countries where these deaths took place are notoriously corrupt in one way or another which is condemnable as well. But there is usually someone who supplies the fountain from which ideologues will drink in order to engage in conduct that can result in their untimely demise. The enabler is just as, if not more, guilty than the enabled. None the less, if any sorrow or mourning is to be done, it is that these lost human lives are no longer around to be with their families and friends, even to where they can change their minds (like Mark Lynas and Bjorn Lomborg did) or, at the very least, be persuaded to stop.

Like Ayn Rand said: Altruism holds death as its ultimate goal and standard of value. Death of human beings is the highest value of environmentalism, both of people inside and outside the movement upon which the philosophy it is based.

NOTE: This essay has been modified and edited at times for clarity.